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Take It Easier: Simple Automation Can Help You Reclaim Your Time

Automation isn’t just for big manufacturing or multinational companies. Many of the tools you probably already use can help you be more efficient. From Cloud Backup from Optimum , to pre-scheduling social.

The way many companies do business is changing from even five years ago. But a recent survey from email marketing giant Constant Contact found that just 27 percent of respondents are using more automated business tools such as payroll, inventory management, and the like, even though such tools are readily and affordably available.


Automation can streamline business processes, saving time and money. Here are five easy ways you can integrate more automation into your business.

  1. Bookkeeping.

    Cloud-based bookkeeping services like FreshBooks and QuickBooks Online can send recurring monthly transactions, such as sending invoices or paying bills, so you don’t have to do so manually. In addition, each platform has payroll add-ons to help you take the grunt work out of manually handling payroll every pay period.


  2.  Backup.

    Few actions are more important than backing up your data. With Cloud Backup from Optimum, you’re covered.


  3.  Inventory.

    A number of free and open source inventory tracking options have hit the market in recent years. Services like Odoo and inFlow can help you track what you have in stock and make better decisions about inventory investment.


  4.  Social media automation.

    Using tools like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck to pre-program social media posts can let you set them in advance and then forget them. Posts will happen when you programmed them, leaving you free to do other things.


  5.  Analytics.

    Automate how you gather critical marketing data, including how many people visit your website, the keywords and searches that bring them there, and the areas of your site they visit most. Google Analytics is a free tool that gathers this information seamlessly for you, allowing you to see it in dashboard format when you need it.


Today, a range of functions can be automated, covering everything from software updates and marketing communications, to the benchmarks by which you measure the growth of your business. Among the rarest resources any business operator has is time—automation helps you get it back.


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