Ready to Cut Meeting Expenses?

Ready to Cut Meeting Expenses? Try Videoconferencing.

Videoconferencing innovation has made it a more effective collaboration tool than ever. Be sure you’re using it to its best advantage.


Videoconferencing is now a staple of the meeting scene. In 2015, videoconferencing saved 7.5 billion travel miles—the equivalent of three trips to Mars—and $3.3 billion in travel expenses, according to a survey by videoconferencing platform BlueJeans.1


Today’s videoconferencing tools have advanced far beyond just two-way video communication. Tools like Skype and Google Hangout allow you to have multiple participants, while platforms like GoToMeeting allow multiple participants with a suite of file-sharing, screen-sharing, virtual white boards as well as other features that allow people to literally be on the same page with presentations. But to make the most of these tools, you need to follow a few key ground rules.

  1. Consider the content.

    Video conferences are typically best for meetings that are an hour or less to be most productive, says Michael Fulton, chief digital officer and president of technology consulting firm CC and C Associates. Need a longer meeting? Consider tackling the content over two or more calls.


  2.  Choose the right tools.

    Today’s videoconferencing calls can be supported by an array of collaboration tools. These range from simple document and screen-sharing platforms to sophisticated tools like video walls and motion sensors to immerse participants in the experience.


  3.  Get up to speed.

    Videoconferencing needs to be supported by reliable, high-speed internet to allow participants to communicate effectively without pauses, buffering, or dropped connections. Speed options like those offered by Optimum Online let you choose the right speed for your company’s needs, which helps enable your conferencing platforms.


  4.  Follow through.

    Once you’ve made progress on your call, define your next steps, and if needed, your next videoconference date to be sure you don’t lose momentum.


Videoconferencing offers an array of benefits, including travel costs savings, the opportunity to reach larger teams, improve collaboration, and more. You need to consider why you’re using it before selecting the tools and platforms that work best for your business.


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[1]“State of the Modern Meeting Report,” Blue Jeans, August 2015 (

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