How Secure Is Your Network?

How Secure Is Your Network?

Network and data security means much more than loading an anti-virus program and setting up a firewall. Hackers work around the clock to find ways to break in and mine valuable data, and they’ve learned that small businesses like yours are easy targets. What you need is a complete strategy to keep your network secure daily. Optimum Smart Router can help protect your network, files, and devices on a continuous basis.


As a business owner, you have a lot on your mind, but there’s one part of your business that demands constant vigilance: network security. No wonder more than 40 percent of businesses feel ill-prepared against cyberattack.1Protect your business with a three-pronged approach to network defense incorporating hardware, software, and people:

  1. Hardware.

    Any one of the modems, routers, and devices on your network are potential entry points. Be sure to replace default usernames, passwords, and SSIDs, and set hardware to the highest available security and encryption protocols. For example, Optimum Smart Router uses state-of-the-art security to protect your data and can be easily managed and monitored from the customer portal.


  2. Software.

    Many software packages and cloud applications include their own access and security settings. Give each user a unique username and password, and limit access to only what’s necessary. When employees leave the company, be sure to delete their access.


  3. People.

    According to IBM, 95 percent of all security incidents involve human error, including system misconfigurations and poor update management practices.2 Train your employees to recognize and avoid email spear-phishing scams which can install unauthorized access to your network. Last year, 43 percent of these attacks targeted small business, and that number is trending upward.3


With smart policy and proper hardware/software setup, you can secure your network against intrusion. Optimum Business Premier Protection & Support can help you do this with assistance in connecting devices, setting up new ones, and configuring new software, while the Optimum Smart Router provides ongoing protection.


To learn more about Optimum and how we can help, call or chat today.


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