Customers Won’t Mind with These Improvement Tips

Wait, Wait! Customers Won’t Mind with These Improvement Tips

Sometimes, we all have to wait. But when your customers are waiting, it could affect whether they come back or not. Keep them happy with these science-backed tips to improve the waiting experience. Simple steps like speedy greetings and entertainment with services like Optimum TV can make all the difference.


Whether your business is a popular medical practice, hot restaurant, or other company with lots of customers, you may face wait times—a sticking point for the people you serve. But a number of environment changes can make a difference in the waiting experience, improving customer satisfaction.

  1. Speedy greetings matter.

    J.D. Power & Associates found that auto service satisfaction improves by 44 points when customers are greeted within two minutes of their arrival.1


  2.  Comfort wins.

    A University of Missouri study found that having a few waiting areas (or providing privacy within waiting areas with decorative elements so that patrons weren’t crowded and concerned about how many others were waiting), improved their willingness to wait. 2


  3.  Entertain patrons.

    When people who are waiting in doctor’s offices are occupied, satisfaction improves, even if the wait time doesn’t change, according to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.3  Provide interesting reading materials, or music and television programming through a television provider such as Optimum.


  4.  Communication.

    The University of Nebraska-Lincoln study also found that people were much more at ease waiting when they could accurately know what their wait time would be.


Nobody likes to wait, and that’s especially true of your customers. If you can make their wait time more enjoyable—and even productive—you’ll keep them happy (and happier to come back!).


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