4 Tips to Look like a Major Player (No Matter Your Size)

4 Tips to Look like a Major Player (No Matter Your Size)

Use these tools and tactics to make your company look bigger to attract more business.

Sometimes, it can feel like you’re David facing Goliath when you’re competing against a major player in your field. But when you determine your area of focus and direct the resources at your disposal, you can be very effective, says Damon Brown, author of the best-selling series The Bite-Sized Entrepreneur. Plus, you can use secret weapons that large companies often don’t have.


“In short, intimacy does not scale. The biggest tools you have are personalization and connection,” he says. But if you want to have the appearance of a larger company, try these four tips:

  1.  Clean up your look.

    From a sharp-looking website to an email template that keeps your communication consistent, having professional-looking communication makes your company look more established. An email address from your domain name also helps.


  2.  Expand your offerings.

    Find other businesses that offer complementary products and services, and find ways to work together. For example, a catering company could team up with an event coordinator, or a copywriter could pair up with a graphic designer to land bigger orders for each. Just be sure to vet new partners carefully to be sure they are trustworthy and reliable.


  3.  Set response times.

    Few things can make your business look more like you’re operating with a skeleton crew than sporadic responses. Return calls and email message within a few hours at the most so customers don’t wonder where you are or why you’re not responding.


  4.  Use telecomm tools.

    An 800-number makes your business look like you’re serious about being accessible to customers. Choose Optimum Voice, and you can get a vanity 800 number at no additional charge. In addition, Optimum Virtual Receptionist answers calls and can forward your office calls to you mobile phone, making it seem like you have a busy receptionist tracking you down.


Use smart strategies and tech tools like Optimum Voice and Virtual Receptionist to show your clients and prospects that you’re ready to compete with the big guys. By looking professional and always ready for business, you’ll inspire confidence and boost sales.


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