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Running a business in the digital age may feel overwhelming, but Optimum is here to help. We’ve created this resource center to give you the tips, case studies, and guidance you need in a connected world.

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Want to give your company an edge? Here are some case studies and insights to help you succeed. For previous tips and cases please click here.

4 Ways to Make Your Business Look Bigger

Small and midsize companies often have a service advantage over their bigger counterparts. Employ a range of tactics to project a bigger, more professional image.

Make Your Devices More Efficient

Using multiple devices gives you a range of convenience, function, and mobility. To maximize productivity, they need to work together, efficiently either in the office or on the go.

How Secure Is Your Network?

With hackers working around the clock to find ways to break into your network and mine valuable data, you need a solid security plan.

Don’t Hate - Automate

Think automation is only for big companies? These smart tools and tips will make you think again.

Use Video Conferencing to Save Time and Money

In person meetings with far-flung clients, used to mean travel. Advances in video conferencing can bring them to you.

Winning the Waiting Room Game

Waiting is sometimes a fact of doing business. Make your wait areas more engaging for customers with these four improvements.

All Marketing is Local

Hyper-local marketing puts your business in front of consumers close enough to drop by—and buy.

3 Steps to Choose a Social Media Platform

Advertising on social media is a highly cost-effective way to get your message out—if you do it right.

4 Steps to Better Technology

New technology shouldn’t be about technology, but about making customers happier and employees more productive.

Murphy’s Music: Never Missing a Beat

When Jeff Frohman assumed ownership of Murphy’s Music in 2007, a key business decision was partnering with Optimum Business.

Zoot Shoot Photographers: Adapting to Technology at Shutter Speed

For the last 27 years, Zoot Shoot has adapted to a changing industry. One thing that hasn’t changed is their partnership with Optimum.