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A new level of connectivity for your customers and your business.


More than just WiFi.

Optimum Business SMART WiFi is a unique solution that lets you easily customize your businesses' WiFi experience, while also providing you with important data about your customer base - giving you incredible marketing insights you can't get anywhere else.


A marketing engine to improve business performance

The Optimum Business SMART WiFi portal allows you to customize your log in screen and portal with branding that is unique to your business “look and feel.” Plus the portal allows you to collect important data on your guests/customers to help you create promotional campaigns and guest notifications to grow your business.

One place to manage everything

The SMART WiFi portal has all the tools you need to manage your network and your customers. Manage guest WiFi, private WiFi, connected devices, content filtering, branding, and more.

A Competitive Advantage

For guests and customers who need to stay connected, complimentary WiFi is determining where they do business.

Hassle-Free Management

Worry-free SMART WiFi makes it easy with our professional installation that includes set-up, activation and configuration, all completely managed by Optimum Business so you avoid expensive IT costs.


Engage with your guest/customers when they connect to your WiFi network. Display promotional messaging or offers to help grow your business.

Guest WiFi

Customize your Guest network sign in so they can easily identify and log on.

Private WiFi

Separate networks for you and your employees providing safe, secure and appropriate communications.

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