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At Optimum, we're committed to service. That’s why we offer the technical support your business needs to stay connected.

Best-in-class service and support.

Technology has never been more important for your business, but not every business has an IT department. That’s why we offer a variety of service plans to keep your business up to date with the latest technology while offering resources to help set-up, troubleshoot and maintain all your business' connected devices. 

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Business Premier Protection & Support

Business Premier Protection & Support has you covered by providing your business with things like connecting devices to a wireless network, setting up new devices or configuring new software. We’ll give you unlimited support on as many devices as you need, including computers, wireless printers, smart TVs, tablets, security systems and other accessories.

Service Protection

Although it doesn’t happen often, there may be times when unexpected service-related issues occur. That’s where Service Protection comes in. In the event of service related issues that our Optimum Business Service Representatives can’t resolve over the phone, we’ll send a technician to your business free of charge as long as the issue is part of our service coverage. If a problem exists with your business’s wiring, jacks, connectors or items that fall outside of Optimum service coverage, your service fee will be automatically waived for your business. In addition, your business will be given priority access when calling into Optimum customer support, which means less waiting for you and more productivity for your business. 

Find an Optimum Service Plan that's right for your business.

With two options of service plans available, Optimum provides the support your business needs to run smoothly and stay connected.

Business Premier Protection & Support

Includes Service Protection

Business Premier Protection & Support

Get access to technical support for all of your business’ connected devices.

    •  Setup and support for an unlimited number of connected business devices
    •  Recovery of content due to virus and malware
    •  Advanced troubleshooting & optimization of system performance
    •  Includes Device Protection – does not include mobile devices
    •  Includes Service Protection
    •  Business Premier Protection & Support App

*To add Business Premier Protection & Support, you must first subscribe to either Optimum Voice, Optimum Online, or Optimum TV.

Service Protection

Service Protection

Get the reliable support you need when unexpected service issues may occur.

    •  Waived service fees for non-Optimum covered issues (inside wiring, 
        phone jacks, etc.)
    •  Priority access to customer service

*To add Service Protection, you must first subscribe to either Optimum Voice, Optimum Online, or Optimum

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