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Optimum Africa

Optimum Africa features two African networks including Noire Africa TV and Afrotainment Plus.

Optimum Arabic

ART provides a unique blend of Arabic-language programming, including sports, dramas, talk shows and national events.

Optimum Brazilian

The best Brazilian television, broadcasting 24 hours a day with digital quality. Everything you love from Brazil is here now!  Channels include Globo and Tv Record.

Optimum Caribbean

The Optimum Caribbean package includes three networks; CEEN-TV, CaribVision and TEMPO.

Optimum Chinese

The Optimum Chinese package features a mix of programming in both Mandarin and Cantonese.  Channels include Phoenix North American Chinese Channel, Phoenix InfoNews Channel, Chinese Channel/Sino TV, ET Global NY, CCTV-4 and ONE World Sports.

Optimum en español

Now with 55+ Spanish-language channels, with the best from the Caribbean, Central, South America and Spain. 

Optimum Filipino

Includes The Filipino Channel and GMA Pinoy TV

Optimum French

TV5 Monde broadcasts 24 hours a day with a wide array of news, movies, documentaries, entertainment and cultural programs.

Optimum German

DW Amerika brings you the latest news, updates on the German Soccer League, daily lifestyle shows, and much more.

Optimum Greek

Optimum Greek includes Antenna Satellite and MEGA Cosmos.

Optimum Israeli

The Israeli Network broadcasts in Hebrew with English subtitles, the best of current Israeli television 24/7.

Optimum Italian

Optimum Italian includes channels Rai Italia and Mediaset Italia.

Optimum Japanese

The Optimum Japanese package includes channels TV Japan and ONE World Sports.

Optimum Korean

The Optimum Korean package includes channels MBC, The Korean Channel, KBS World, CTS America and ONE World Sports.

Optimum Polish

The Optimum Polish package includes channels iTVN, TV Polonia and TVN24.

Optimum Portuguese

The Optimum Portuguese package includes channels RTPi and SPT.

Optimum Punjabi

Jus Punjabi offers the best Punjabi-language Hindi and English programming, including music, dramas and daily news.

Optimum Russian

A selection of six leading Russian language networks including RTVi, RTN, Channel 1 Russia, NTV America, CTC, Teleklub and RTR Planeta.

Optimum South Asian

Includes a variety of programs from the Indian subcontinent on six exciting networks including TV Asia, ITV Gold, Zee TV, Willow Plus and SET.

Optimum Premier South Asian

Enjoy Bollywood movies, cricket and more on nine of the top-rated networks from South Asia including: Life OK, STAR India Plus, STAR India GOLD, TV Asia, ITV Gold, Zee TV, Willow Plus and SET.

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